Freeware CGI Poll

Completely Customizeable - Works on Any Website
Fits in a small column on your HTML page using SSI tags or can run standalone (just access the cgi file).
Optional Double Vote Filtering by IP
Voters may view a results page or your own thank you page
VERY easy installation - edit one file and you're off!
Administration Panel allows you to clear IP addresses and votes
Easily create new polls by editing the setup file.
Unlimited number of choices for each poll. You can have as little as two choices or as many as 10000000000000.
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SHOPOLL Version 1.0 Windows ZIP
SHOPOLL Version 1.0 Unix TAR.GZ

Installation Instructions:
Unzip into a subdirectory or your cgi-bin. Edit the files install.txt and poll.setup. Run the administration utility to initialize the poll (polladmin.cgi).

I get a 500 Internal Server Error message when trying to use SHOPOLL - What is the deal?
A -
Make sure you have set the appropriate perimissions (chmoded the files) as install.txt specifies.
Q -
My poll comes up blank - why?
Check file permissions - the Perl interpreter or your web server may not be reading or writing to the files it needs to. Check install.txt for details on file permissions.
Q -
Why the name, SHO Poll?
A -
SHO Poll was originally made for to serve as a monthly poll for Ford Taurus SHO lovers.

Fully Functional Sample:

How do you like the SHO Poll v1.0?
Wow! This is an awesome poll!
Pretty cool, but Ive seen better...
I dont really like it
Ive seen better scripts for That 80s Show... It is HORRIBLE!

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